Tidbit of Info Using WordPress App


Wanted to share with you all in case you may be experiencing a minor glitch using WordPress app.
For a while, had a minor glitch and could not resolve this myself.
Decided to write WordPress Happiness team.
Happiness is an awesome name for these folks, for they are so helpful, caring and kind.
Back to the glitch, they suggested to log out and to sign in again.
Wow….not only did it clear the issue I had but updated the account as well.
Everytime WordPress sends out a new update, I would update the app. Yet never saw a difference.
Once I logged out and signed in….all was updated.
For now on, plan to sign out every week or so, to maintain the app.🙂
Thank you all for taking time out to visit the site, appreciate your likes and follows.🙂

Until next time,
With love and gratitude. 🎡❤️🧚🙂