The World of Elementals



Many are curious of the Elementals, Fae Folk, Fairies, Star Ships, Galactic Friends, Leprechaun, Elves, Dryads and more.

With many nudges and me saying not now….not ready yet.  Realized it is time to step out of my comfort zone to assist those who are so dear and share who they are…..with much love to them and to those who read of them and all who are not aware of them as of yet….Unknown UFO Mysteries was born.

Most of all, their wish,  for all of us to live in harmony with respect to one and all.

Hope you all enjoy with Universal love to all🎡❤️🧚
P.S. This was under the page section, thought it would be easier for all to read under the blog section. Thank you. ❤️