Let’s Take A Stroll Into The Magical World of Fairies, Universe Secrets, Leprechauns, and more. 🧚


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Let’s Take A Stroll Into  World of, Fairies, Fae, Universe Secrets, Elves, Gnomes, Leprechaun’s, Galactics, Light Ships, Star Crafts, Parallel Universe, Multi-Dimensional and more. 🎡❤️🧚
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The Grand Invocation (Water Blessing Song) – Japanese Mantra by Anna Patrini … The Grand Invocation a very powerful prayer Dr. Emoto used at every water ceremony. … (WaterBlessing Song … Prayer Used By Dr. Emoto At Every Water Ceremony


The Grand Invocation (Water Blessing Song) – Japanese Mantra by Anna Patrini.

The Grand Invocation (Water Blessing Song) – Japanese Mantra by Anna Patrini

Here are Lyrics in English.

We all come from water and water we shall remain like a drop of rain flowing to the ocean.
We are keepers, keepers of the water and water we shall remain.
Water is sacred and water we shall remain, water is life flowing to the ocean. We send blessings to the water, thank you water for the gift of life❤️

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