Journey Into The Magical World Of Unknown UFO Mysteries


Journey Into The Magical World Of Unknown UFO Mysteries  🧚

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The World of Elementals



Many are curious of the Elementals, Fae Folk, Fairies, Star Ships, Galactic Friends, Leprechaun, Elves, Dryads and more.

With many nudges and me saying not now….not ready yet.  Realized it is time to step out of my comfort zone to assist those who are so dear and share who they are…..with much love to them and to those who read of them and all who are not aware of them as of yet….Unknown UFO Mysteries was born.

Most of all, their wish,  for all of us to live in harmony with respect to one and all.

Hope you all enjoy with Universal love to all🎡❤️🧚
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Hippity, Whitetail Deer

Hippity, (a whitetail deer), thought  I would share a little something different   intoducing precious Hippity.  When he was a few months old he encountered an accident.  Breaking his right front knee joint.  Made a call to the wildlife rescue, they said in most cases he would heal…for in their experiences, wild deer have the flight and fleet syndrome. Many times during transport to their vets…they will not survive due to their fear and anxiety.  Long story short………he made it as you see.  He is now 3 years of age.  He is wild yet understands he is safe here as all animals are welcomed and safe. One day will share a video of Hippity. He walks with a severe limp…yet he runs and jumps…amazing❤️❤️❤️.     One more tidbit regarding this precious one, he assist the Mother’s raising their little ones….especially the bucks (boys).  He looks over them…plays with them and the mature bucks love and respect him. Yes I love him as well and so blessed he shares his life with us. ❤️❤️❤️   

Thank you all for taking time to visit….with love to all. 🎡❤️❤️❤️🧚